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Two Months member Do Dae Yoon apologizes to IU and Taeyang fans

January 18, 2012 @ 9:43 pm
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Two Months' member Do Dae Yoon apologized via Twitter for his comments pertaining to singer IU and Big Bang member Taeyang.

The Superstar K3 contestant tweeted on the 17th stating, "I'm not that good looking, what do you think of me, IU? Will you even see this?"

The tweet was in response to IU's previous statement on a talk show where she stated that she preferred men who are not good looking.

A few moments later, Dae Yoon tweeted yet again, this time commenting on IU's confession about Taeyang being her ideal type: "I need to practice dance to become more like Youngbae (Taeyang) sunbae and turn IU's attention towards me. I also need to work out. But I'm pretty sure I'm a little taller?"

The two tweets have quickly become the subject of much controversy, catching the attention of both IU and Taeyang fans.

Dae Yoon has since closed his account, apologizing to the two fandoms stating, "I didn't know things were going to get this big. I am sorry to both IU and Taeyang and their respective fans".

The singer also previously wrote "Nuna, I'm a fan of yours" on figure skater Kim Yuna's Twitter, which also quickly became a hot topic of conversation online.

Netizens who saw read his tweets responded by saying, "Must really be an avid IU fan", "No need to close your Twitter", and more.

Source & Image: DongA via Nate

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· Posted January 20, 2015 @ 7:50 pm

seems like he wants attention or somethin, but i don't blame him because IU and kim yuna are awesome~


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· Posted January 19, 2015 @ 9:21 am


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