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T-ara's Hwayoung experiences a wardrobe malfunction on 'Inkigayo'

January 29, 2012 @ 9:26 am
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T-ara won the 'triple crown' on January 29th's episode of 'Inkigayo', but unfortunately, it looks like the public is more preoccupied with a member's wardrobe malfunction on stage.

During their live performance of "Lovey Dovey", T-ara's Hwayoung accidentally exposed her breast during her dance solo. A screencap is already making its rounds online through Korean media portals and other SNS services like Twitter and even tumblr.

Fans have been expressing sympathy for Hwayoung and anger at her stylist. At this time, T-ara's agency (Core Contents Media) has yet to make an official statement about the slipup.


Source: Sports Korea via Nate



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