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Super Junior, Big Bang and SHINee are in the top ten 'Singers You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics' list

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On January 7th, Super Junior's Donghae commented on a recent The Top Tens poll that asked 'Singers You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics'.  The Top Tens is a collection of visitor created top ten lists categorized by list type and made available for creators to edit and add to as they see fit. After seeing that Super Junior took the #1 spot beating out top acts like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, Donghae proudly wrote, "My my my....I guess we'll have to go to London^^". K-Pop fans further voted Big Bang at #2 and SHINee at #6, showing the commitment of hallyu wave fans in promoting their favorite artists.  At the time of writing, other Korean artist on the list include: Girls' Generation at #11, 2NE1 at #32 (and again at #123), KARA at #114, JYJ at #123, TVXQ at #136, Wonder Girls at #142, T-ARA at #154, B2st at #155, 4Minute at 191, f(x) at 192, Hang Geng at #195, B1A4 #215, A Pink #310, Kim Hyun Joong #331, 2PM #332, and INFINITE at #345. (The ranks will continue to fluctuate with votes streaming in constantly). Netizens commented, "Wow Congratulations!!!", "that would be phenomenal if that happened! Fighting!~", and "I hope u all can perform for the Olympic opening .. Make us proud". Source + Image: Donghae's Twitter and TheTopTens


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