[SPOILER] Jiyeon's character Rian fumes over Eunjung taking her film role

February 1, 2012 @ 12:42 am
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On the latest episode of KBS's Dream High 2 that aired on January 31st, there was a scene in which Rian, Jiyeon's character in the drama, was fuming over the fact that a celebrity, T-ara's Eunjung (playing herself, not her first season character, Baek Hee) took Rian's role in a film.

Because of the new law that states that underaged celebrities must cease all activities after 10PM, Rian was forced to give up her new role. However, Rian decides to go to the production set anyway.

Jisu (played by Kahi), who was watching Rian head to the production set, spoke out in a cold voice, "Don't you know the meaning of  'cease all activity'? Besides they don't want you, they decided to use Eunjung instead."

Jisu continues on stating how much better Eunjung's acting is compared to Rian's. The already seething Rian yells, "T-ara's Eunjung? Is that director crazy?"

This particular scene was a favorite among viewers due of the fact that Jiyeon, who plays Rian, is actually in the same girl group as Eunjung in real life.

Source and Image : Review Star via Naver

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