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Hwang Jung Eum becomes a country girl for make-up brand 'Peripera'

January 4, 2012 @ 1:03 pm
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Beauty icon Hwang Jung Eum has made a refreshing transformation for her pictorial with makeup brand Peripera. The brand's stylists sought to bring out a 'country girl' charm for their S/S pictorial, and so they braided Hwang Jung Eum's hair into two neat pigtails. Shimmer powder, candy-orange lip gloss, and simple black mascara were used for her makeup palette, adding to her youthful look. To complete it, she wore a flower-print top with lace-up ribbons and used a lollipop as a prop. The effect is cute and a little sexy; a refreshing change from the glamorous concepts flooding the industry at the moment. Hwang Jung Eum's full pictorials will be released in a fashion magazine in March.

Source + Image: Nspna

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