Gong Yoo & Jung Yumi take real 'Crucible' students on a two-day vacation

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Gong Yoo, Jung Yumi, and author Gong Ji Young recently visited the real victims of their film, 'Crucible (Silenced)'. The film, originally a novel by Gong Ji Young, is a real life account based on child molestation endured by students at a disabled children's school. The events took place in Gwangju from 2001 to 2005, and later became a novel as well as a movie to bring more attention to the case. On January 8th, representatives of the actors revealed that they had taken the 38 students on a two-day trip to Seoul. Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi brought along snacks and gifts to create memories for the students, stopping to chat and take pictures along the way. The event was organized by a Twitter volunteer leader named Jung Sang Soo, who first suggested the idea to the producer of the 'Crucible'. Jung had previously taken the children to see a 'Nanta' performance upon hearing that they could feel the vibrations of the performance, which was provided free of charge. Plenty of people have stepped up to lend their support to the students, creating petitions on Daum Agora and gathering donations to provide them with school supplies and other needs. Together, they had raised about $1,400 USD. The CEO took the opportunity to thank everyone who had helped, expressing, "YG Entertainment sent a bus over with autographed CDs of their artists, Big Bang and 2NE1. SM Entertainment also provided tickets to the 'Open Your Eyes' theater show starring gagman Lee Dong Woo. Lee Dong Woo performed more passionately than ever before. The company also provided autographed CDs by Girls' Generation." He continued, "We received so much help and gifts, including travel bags, stylists, cosmetics companies, clothing, letters, and the B2ST members' autographed CDs." Source + Photos: Star News via Naver


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