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Co-Ed's male members to release T-ara remake, "Lovey Dovey Plus"

January 31, 2012 @ 2:57 am
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Co-Ed will be releasing a remake of "Lovey Dovey," the recent comeback hit by their Core Contents Media labelmate T-ara!

On February 9th, the male members of Co-Ed will deliver the remake, titled "Love Dovey Plus," on various music sites.

The members revealed that they had always loved listening to "Lovey Dovey" and were learning the shuffle dance through Kwanghaeng, who was also a dance club leader during his pre-debut days in Australia. While rehearsing on their own together, the group thought it'd be a fun idea to recreate the song in their own style, and asked their company for permission.

Their company readily agreed, so the boys went ahead with rearranging the song to include their own rap and song lyrics.

This will be the first song Co-Ed will be releasing with their new 'Superstar K3' addition, Shin Jong Guk.

The male members stated, "We received advice from our T-ara seniors and discussed at length with them over the remake. It's our first song created together so we're looking forward to how our fans will react. Please look forward to it!"

Source + Photos: Herald News via Naver

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