Lee Ji Ah's prestigious family background unveiled

December 19, 2011 @ 7:34 am
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Ever since Lee Ji Ah was discovered to have been in a secret relationship with Seo Taiji, her identity became the stuff of mystery. Netizens endeavouring to find out more about Lee Ji Ah's past weren't able to do so, until a family friend of 40 years disclosed some insider information on her family through an interview. On December 19th, Jung Dae Chul revealed that Lee Ji Ah's grandfather was a prominent citizen of Seoul. "Lee Ji Ah's grandfather is the late Kim Soon Heung, a prominent figure in the education business. During his time, there were only two homes the size of 180-pyeong within Seoul. One belonged to the late former president Yoon Bo Sun, and the other belonged to the late Kim Soon Heung," he said. He continued, "Lee Ji Ah's grandfather was passionate about education and set up the Seoul Arts High School out of his own expense." For a while now, Lee Ji Ah has been nicknamed as 'Alien' because her family background was kept hidden from the public. She's been making an effort to get closer with her fans ever since her lawsuit with Seo Taiji, sharing childhood photos on her official homepage and interacting more through SNS services. Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

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