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SNSD Tiffany's white shorts: hot or too short?

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On November 17th, the 'Coway! Please take care of my mother tonight!' concert was held at the Grand Hall in the L Tower. The concert was hosted by Kim Shin Young and lasted for two hours.  Famous artists such as Jang Hye Jin, Kim Bum Soo, and SNSD gathered for a fun concert which aimed to promote Coway's product line of water purifiers. All 9 members of SNSD were present and they performed five tracks including: "The Boys", "Gee", "Oh!", "Genie", and "Dear Mom".  Fans and audiences alike had much fun as the girls rocked the stage with their hit tracks.  The concert even drew loud laughter as Taeyeon and Sunny became victims to static hair, causing much laughter among the crowds. Unfortunately for Tiffany, many criticized her short shorts which they deemed to be inappropriate for the stage.  Several shots of her shorts from the performance have gone viral and many netizens are arguing whether they were too short or passable. While the shorts are high-waisted, what's getting viewers and fans riled up is the fact that the bottom hem rests right below Tiffany's butt, easily riding up and exposing the idol, as exhibited in a large segment of photos taken at the event. Some say that the wardrobe stylist should have been more attentive with an issue that would've easily caught people's negative attention like this. There have been a mixed set of reactions from netizens.  Those who criticized the outfit commented, "That looks embarrassing", "SM, please have some restraint -.-", and "I can see her butt cheeks." Meanwhile those who favored the outfit responded, "What a great view!", "She's allowed to wear them because she has pretty legs", and "Marry me?" Check out the photos and concert videos yourselves and share us your thoughts! Do you think people are overreacting, or was this a fashion mishap that shouldn't have happened? ---- <Sunny's static hair> - <Taeyeon> - <Tiffany> [gallery link="file"] What do you think? Source + Photos: Nate, SNSD Korean


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