Oh Ji Ho reveals dating history + childhood photos and more on Midnight TV

November 13, 2011 @ 4:20 am
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Earlier we reported that power couple Kwon Sang Woo & his wife randomly strolled in the middle of Oh Ji Ho's interview. During that same interview with 'Midnight TV Entertainment', Oh Ji Ho discussed what he first looks for in a woman.  He answered the question with, "Eyes. When they smile if they have the crescent shaped eyes, it makes me happy.. when I see that my heart flutters". Oh Ji ho also revealed his dry spell, saying that his last relationship was 4-5 years ago, because his standards for women kept getting higher and higher.  Furthermore, he showed his 'must have' car items, which included a 10kg (22lb) weight and an exercise spring bar. Later in the interview, he revealed two childhood photos including the one above and spoke about his grades. Oh Ji Ho explained, "(When I was younger) I seriously only studied untill I was 17 years old. I was 2nd place in my whole school (with the best grades).  I was going to be a language teacher". Looks like he's got brains and looks. Check out the full interview below: Source + Image: TVReport  

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