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Mnet kicks off online voting for '2011 MAMA Awards'

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It's that time of the year again, folks. 'Mnet's Annual Music Awards' (or 'MAMA') is gearing up to deliver a spectacular event at the end of November, but before they do, they're concentrating on narrowing down this year's most popular artists and songs. The '2011 MAMA' kicked off its voting system online on November 1st, inviting K-Pop fans from all over the world to name their choices on who should belong to the top tier of 2011. Check out the nomination lists below, and be sure to drop your vote through the official '2011 MAMA' website! --- Best New Male Artist: Kim Ji Su Boyfriend N-Train Huh Gak B1A4 Best New Female Artist: Dal Shabet Brave Girls A Pink Jang Jae In Han Groo Best Male Group: TVXQ 2PM Super Junior Big Bang B2ST Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls 2NE1 f(x) SNSD KARA Best Male Artist: Kim Bum Soo Kim Tae Woo Kim Hyun Joong Sung Si Kyung Wheesung Best Female Artist: Kim Wan Sun Baek Ji Young Seo In Young IU G.NA Best Solo Dance Performance (Solo): Kim Hyun Joong G.NA HyunA Jang Woo Hyuk Jay Park Best Dance Performance (Male Group): TVXQ B2ST Big Bang Super Junior MBLAQ INFINITE Best Dance Performance (Female Group): SNSD SECRET T-ara 4minute 2NE1 miss A Best Band Performance: CNBLUE F.T. Island Jang Kiha and the Faces YB Jaurim Best Rap Performance: Leessang Mighty Mouth Clover Tablo Simon D Best Vocal Performance (Solo): IU Lee Hyun Huh Gak K. Will Kim Gun Mo Best Vocal Performance (Group): Davichi SISTAR19 2AM 2NE1 4Men Best OST: Baek Ji Young ("That Woman" - 'Secret Garden' OST) IU ("Someday" - 'Dream High' OST) Lim Jae Bum ("Love" - 'City Hunter' OST) Taeyeon ("Love You" - 'Athena' OST) Huh Gak ("Please Don't Forget Me" - 'The Greatest Love' OST) Best Music Video: Brown Eyed Girls ("Sixth Sense") Big Bang ("Love Song") Sunny Hill ("Midnight Circus") Jang Kiha and the Faces ("Just Know Each Other") UV ("Itaewon Freedom") Song of the Year: Kim Gun Mo - "Sadder Than Yesterday" Kim Hyun Joong - "Break Down" Davichi - "Don't Say Goodbye" TVXQ - "Keep Your Head Down" Leessang - "Turned Off The TV" Mighty Mouth - "Tok Tok" Jay Park - "Abandoned" Baek Ji Young - "That Woman" (Secret Garden OST) B2ST - "Fiction" Big Bang - "Tonight" SNSD - "The Boys" Super Junior - "Mr Simple" SECRET - "Shy Boy" SISTAR19 - "Ma Boy" IU - "Good Day" MBLAQ - "Mona Lisa" Lee Hyun - "You Are The Best of My Life" Lim Jae Bum - "Love" (City Hunter OST) Jaurim - "Idol" INFINITE - "Be Mine" Jang Kiha and the Faces ("Just Know Each Other") Jang Woo Hyuk - "Time is (L)over" Clover - "La Vida Loca" Tablo - "Bad" Taeyeon ("Love You" - 'Athena' OST) T-ara - "Roly Poly" 4minute - "Mirror Mirror" Huh Gak - "Hello" HyunA - "Bubble Pop" 2AM - "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls" 2NE1 - "I Am The Best" 4Men - "Once While Living" CNBLUE - "Intuition" F.T. Island - "Hello Hello" G.NA - "Black & White" K.Will - "My Heart is Beating" miss A - "Goodbye Baby" Simon D - "Cheerz" YB - "Find the Dream Breaker" Artist of the Year: Kim Bum Soo Kim Wan Sun Kim Ji Su Kim Tae Woo Kim Hyun Joong Dal Shabet TVXQ Baek Ji Young Boyfriend Brown Eyed Girls Brave Girls B2ST Big Bang Seo In Young Sung Si Kyung SNSD Super Junior IU A Pink N-Train Jang Jae In KARA Han Groo Huh Gak Wheesung 2NE1 2PM B1A4 f(x) G.NA


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