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JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, Park Yoo Hwan for 'Mango Tree' project

November 24, 2011 @ 10:20 am
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JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan have come together for a project that aimed to help kids in need in Africa. C-Jes Entertainment has revealed that they've put together a project called 'Mango Tree', along with ELLE magazine and World Vision. With the long history of civil wars in Sudan, there are many children who are suffering from various problems such as starvation, pollution, and lack of schools. The project aims to keep these children and their families fed by planting mango trees, which grow easily despite poor soil conditions or hot climates. C-Jes has launched a page dedicated to this project (also available in English here) that explains more about the project, and gives individuals an opportunity to sponsor a mango tree. The site also includes video clips that feature JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan discussing the project in three different languages (Korean, English, and Japanese) to spread awareness about the good cause. Check them out below! Korean Version   English Version   Japanese Version   Source + Photo: C-Jes Homepage, Mango Tree Project Tip: Roro

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