Was T-ara member Qri's eye make-up too thick?

September 19, 2011 @ 1:37 am
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The ladies of T-ara recently attended a ceremony at the Seoul office of the Korea Customs Service to commemorate their appointment as the organization's honorary ambassadors. While the group as a whole left a good impression with their clean uniforms, long skirts and modest make-up, member Qri caught some people's attention for her bolder appearance. With tousled wavy hair and thicker eye make-up, Qri seems to have stood out among her fellow members. A person at the event reportedly commented, "Her head looks like an apple." Though it's difficult to see the difference in these photos, Qri's smoky eye make-up is darker and more dramatic than the neutral styles sported by the other ladies. Netizens who also got a chance to see her photo gave a mixture of reactions, saying, " Her eye make-up is too thick," "She doesn't look professional," "She still looks pretty nonetheless," "Isn't she too sexy for a public event like this?" and, "She would have looked better with light make up." Meanwhile, T-ara has been promoting the Korean Customs Service Organization as ambassadors, even appearing as guests on the 'TVExperience' program to spread awareness about the duties of the organization. So what do you think -- was this inappropriate for a professional event or are netizens overreacting? Source + Photos: starnnews via Naver

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