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SNSD's "The Boys" release may be pushed back a few weeks

September 30, 2011 @ 9:54 am
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SNSD's "The Boys" comeback might be delayed, as it's just been revealed that SM Entertainment was contacted by distributors saying that the release must be postponed. A representative of an album sales company spoke through BNT News and revealed, "It is true.  On September 30th, there was sudden contact from the distributors that the album will be delayed. A set date has not been confirmed yet." One online album distribution site sent out apology texts to fans who had pre-ordered the album by writing, "Internal issues with the company has caused the release of SNSD's third album to be delayed to mid-October." On the sudden change of plans, SM Entertainment replied, "Nothing has been set in stone yet.  The situation has not been organized." Stay tuned for more updates. Source + Photos: BNT News

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