Jaejoong's fans treat 'Protect the Boss' staff members to lunch

September 19, 2011 @ 10:34 am
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Last month, JYJ's Jaejoong and co-star Ji Sung treated the staff and production team of 'Protect the Boss' to lunch. Following their idol's kindhearted example, Jaejoong's fans have also provided lunch for the show's 100 staff members! On September 17th, Jaejoong's supporters and fans prepared a buffet lunch for the staff, along with messages of encouragement for the team. They shouted, "This is our greeting to you for working hard through the Chuseok holiday... the drama is really fun", "Please stop making 'Na Yoon' cry", and "Chief of officials, Kim Jaejoong, fighting!!" In response to his fans' warm gesture, Jaejoong replied, "Thank you very much for providing this buffet... I will work harder from now until the end of filming." Additionally, Jaejoong gladly took pictures and signed autographs for his fans. One producer said of the star, "I came to know Jaejoong's passionate personality, humble sense of self, and popularity by working on this drama with him... I would be happy to work on another drama with him in the future." Source: Star News via Yahoo! Korea

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