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Lee Da Hae shopping for a Wedding dress?

August 11, 2011 @ 10:07 pm
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Actress Lee Da Hae couldn't take her eyes off wedding dresses. On the 11th, Lee Da Hae posted via Twitter, "Window shopping outside the wedding dress store that's having a 75% sample sale... But why am I looking at this!", with the beautiful photos attached. In the first photo, you can see Lee Da Hae looking seamlessly into the dress showcased through the store window. In the next photo, Lee Da Hae has gotten closer to the window, as if she her urge for the wedding dress is growing. Netizens commented, "I hear that you're ready for marriage once wedding dresses look pretty to you...", "It looks like a photo shoot" and "Unni, you're so cute". Photo: Lee Da Hae's Twitter Source: Starnews via Naver

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