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Ji Hyun Woo reveals his couple photoshoot with Chocolat's Tia

August 8, 2011 @ 2:40 am
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Last week, netizens discovered a picture of Chocolat's Tia, taken with her labelmate senior, actor Ji Hyun Woo. On August 7th, the full photoshoot was finally unveiled, featuring shots of the young singer in various 'couple poses' with the actor. Considering that she was born in 1997 (and he was born in 1984), the photoshoot has become a source of much debate online amongst netizens. Still, they couldn't deny that both looked stunning together, making for one amazing couple photoshoot. Ji Hyun Woo had actually debuted as a lead guitarist in 2004 with his group, 'The Nuts'. He's been known to have given Tia and the members of Chocolat some valuable advice in his capacity as a senior as they prepare for their impending debut this week. Netizens commented, "They look so close together, I'd believe it if they were a real couple!", "Two absolutely gorgeous two people. Seems like a new young bride, the second Moon Geun Young", and "Maybe it's because of her unique looks, it's hard to believe her age." Bi-racial girl group Chocolat will be releasing part two of their teaser on August 10th and debuting on the 18th with their title track, "Syndrome". Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

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