Goo Hye Sun to star in SBS's new drama 'Fly Again'?

August 19, 2011 @ 8:05 pm
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It's been revealed that there's a very good chance that actress Goo Hye Sun will star in SBS's new upcoming drama 'Fly Again'! On August 19th, a unnamed drama official stated that Goo Hye Sun has been confirmed to star as the main female character in 'Fly Again' which will be Korea's first aviation drama and begin airing this upcoming December. The official continued, "Goo Hye Sun is currently in Taiwan filming for 'Absolute Boyfriend'. She will prepare for filming once she returns to Korea." However, Goo Hye Sun's agency YG Entertainment released a statement saying,  "It's true that she is considering the female role in 'Fly Again', but nothing has been confirmed yet." 'Fly Again' will share the story of an ambitious and passionate co-pilot who grows and develops into a full pilot. It's expected to be the most anticipated drama of the latter half of this year. If she accepts the role, Goo Hye Sun will play the character of Han Da Jin, a female co-pilot who is extremely passionate about her work, and has a positive and cheerful outlook on life. Furthermore, this will be the first Korean drama Goo Hye Sun has starred in since KBS2's hit 2009 drama 'Boys over Flowers'. Source: TV Report, My Daily via Nate

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