Bang Yong Guk's "I Remember" MV deemed unfit for broadcast

August 11, 2011 @ 11:56 pm
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TS Entertainment, the parent company of Bang Yong Guk, has just told allkpop that Bang Yong Guk's highly-anticipated music video for "I Remember" ran into an unexpected obstacle, as it was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS due to several scenes containing shooting and violence. The TS Entertainment representative explained, "Although we cut out many parts that could be considered inappropriate, it is still a pity that it was deemed unfit for broadcast. We are planning on re-submitting the music video with new scenes featuring Bang Yong Guk's performance." The music video will be about a male lead who tries to rescue his lover from harm. The full video will be released on August 12th. Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates.

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