Suzy wants to take on the role of 'Go Hyemi' again

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miss A's Suzy expressed that she wanted to take on the role of 'Go Hyemi' from KBS's 'Dream High' again. Suzy debuted as an actor through 'Dream High' this past January. Her first month as an actress was pockmarked by criticisms, as her acting abilities drew in many negative comments. Gradually, however, she was able to grow and show everyone that she had the capability of fleshing out a character's complexity and emotions. After 'Dream High', Suzy said that she didn't want to act for a while, but after receiving a lot of offers recently, she's regained her enthusiasm for acting again. As Suzy reflected back to her acting, she stated, "People around me encouraged me a lot, but there was also a lot of stress. ...Now when I see a movie or drama, I don't just watch it, I think to myself,  'Oh, how hard it must have been to film that scene'." When asked, "What types of roles do you want to try in the future?", she replied, "I want to try acting in an action movie, I want to try flying wildly around everywhere, and I want to try a role like 'Go Hyemi' again". She stated that the reason she wanted to take on a role like 'Go Hyemi' again is because, "I'm very regretful. I feel like if I took on the role right now, I would do a much better job". Meanwhile, another miss A member also made her acting debut. Min will be acting as Jeon Do Hyun's daughter in the upcoming movie, 'Countdown'. Min stated, "Acting was an extremely fun experience and if I get the chance to, I would like to continue acting". Jiah and Fei also hinted that they wanted to start acting activities in China. Source + Photo: OSEN via Sports Today


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