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Girl's Day to release first ever "interactive game-style" music video for "Hug me once"!

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Upon the release of Girl's Day's music video teaser for "Hug me once", allkpop reached out to DreamT Entertainment to find out what the game concept style teaser was all about. We learned that this music video will be the first of it's kind, an interactive game-style music video. Park Sinook, a DreamT Entertainment representative told allkpop, "It is the first time a K-Pop music video has been produced this way, our video production team, metaoloz, created an interactive game experience, where fans will be able to choose between multiple options and outcomes. Ultimately, fans will determine what they want to see, as well as be able to interact with the girls on a more intimate level. Each of the girl's have a very vibrant and unique personality, so we hope fans play the game/music video in every possible outcome! Girl's Day worked extremely hard to bring something new and fresh for their fans, please anticipate the interactive music video and support their comeback." Do you remember those "create your own adventure" books you used to read as a kid? Well, Girl's Day's "Hug me once" music video will kind of be like that. Gone are the days of regular music videos - This is going to be very interesting and fun, we can't wait! Stay tuned to allkpop for the release of Girl's Day's upcoming interactive music video and if you haven't already, check out the teaser for "Hug me once" below!


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