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4minute's Jiyoon vs. HyunA: Whose mouth is bigger?

July 11, 2011 @ 8:17 am
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Screencaps of 4minute's Jiyoon and HyunA's strange 'battle' have been cracking up netizens from one forum to the next. A hawk-eyed netizen uploaded the screencaps onto a popular community site under the title, "Jeon Jiyoon vs Kim HyunA, My Mouth Is Bigger Than Yours". The hilarious scene took place during an episode of SBS's "Challenge! 1000 Songs". Veteran singer Oh Seung Geun was singing at the front of the stage and the two were standing on the side waiting for their turn. Netizens made comments like, "Cuties", "How did you even manage to see this? You sure have skill", "So that's how they play", and "They're cute". Others, however, left criticisms about the two, "A sunbae is singing, and they're doing things like that", and "Their company needs to teach them some manners." Was it rude or was it charming? Either way, the screencaps are hilarious! Source: Star News via Daum

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