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Wind Hold Venus unveils debut MV, "Call Me"!

June 28, 2011 @ 4:18 am
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New rookie group Wind Hold Venus has finally released their debut MV, "Call Me"! Wind Hold Venus, who were also dubbed the "Female CNBLUE" before their debut, is a four-membered dance-based rock band consisting of Tamra (Vocal), Kim Soo Jung (Guitar), Hayoung (Bass), and Yeo Wool (Drums) under the label Plus 9 Entertainment. All members received extensive training in music and acting leading up to their debut, and also have experience in promoting overseas. Their title track, "Call Me", is a refreshing dance-rock song that is complemented with the strong beat of the electric guitar. The bright and colorful melody makes you want to hop in a sports car and race away to the relaxing beach side. With "Call Me" being composed and produced by bandmate Kim Soo Jung, their title song additionally flaunts the members' potential in the singer-songwriting field. Check out the MV down below! Source: Korea Economic Daily Tip: Jae

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