JK Kim Dong Wook to leave MBC's "I Am A Singer"

June 11, 2011 @ 11:31 am
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JK Kim Dong Wook is leaving MBC's "I Am A Singer". The singer made the decision to leave the show after having a lengthy discussion with the production team. On June 10th, a program staff stated, "I think JK Kim Dong Wook felt a lot of pressure from the overwhelming interest and reaction 'I Am A Singer' received. After negotiating with the production team, he made the decision to drop out of the program." JK Kim Dong Wook only joined the program last month and was recently swept into a controversy by having performed his song twice during filming on the 6th. Although he was given a penalty for having received one more opportunity to sing, he and Ock Ju Hyun were criticized by many of the viewers. Because the controversy got too big, the production team was going to reveal the behind-the-scenes action during the June 12th's broadcast. However, the broadcast is expected to be JK Kim Dong Wook's last as he is now dropping out of the program. A representative for the singer stated, "We have nothing to say to you for now. You'll know when you see the broadcast." As a result of JK Kim Dong Wook's decision, two people will be eliminated on the 12th's broadcast. Source: Daily News via Nate

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