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Hwayobi returns with "I'm OK" on M! Countdown

June 30, 2011 @ 10:18 am
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Park Hwayobi is back on the Mnet M! Countdown stage with her title track, "I'm OK". Her comeback album is titled "Reborn" and signals Park Hwayobi transformation into a producer with her title track, "I'm OK". This electronic pop track brings out Hwayobi's characteristically reserved voice with a melody that will ring in your ears for days to come. The song is special in that it was composed and written by Park Hwayobi herself. Unlike the light melody line, the chorus picks up with a stronger pace and is finished off with a refreshing high note that gives the song an overall 'reversal' feel. From start to finish, there's no time for rest for the ears as it's filled to the brim with harmony. The song was arranged by popular MBC's 'I Am A Singer' producer, Don Spike. Check out her comeback stage below!

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