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Eye to Eye releases debut album

June 7, 2011 @ 3:36 am
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The 'female Brown Eyed Soul' trio, Eye to Eye, has finally released their debut album Eye to Eye's album, with the eponymous name, is already gaining the attention of many netizens. It's composed of five tracks - 'Like A Man', 'I Draw and Draw', 'Day By Day', 'Remember Me', and 'Eye to Eye' - which have already taken turns placing on the real-time music charts. 'Like A Man', composed by Jung Yeop and Eco Bridge, is rising in rank on the formal music chart, even while facing stiff competition from songs found on MBC's "I'm A Singer". Netizens commented, "They don't seem like rookies", "They finally debuted", and "Wow, they were hidden treasures." The female trio is composed of Soo Hye, Jin Sun, and Na Rae. Singer Jung Yeop founded the group and even participated in the making of the album, acting as its co-producer alongside Eco Bridge. The Brown Eyed Soul members also composed and wrote lyrics for the songs in the album. The music video of 'Like A Man' is set to be released later today, with a special cameo appearance from Jung Yeop. Check out the songs below: 01 Eye To Eye 02 Like A Man (TITLE) 03 I Draw and Draw 04 Day By Day 05 Remember Me Source: Newsen via Nate

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