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Untouchable releases comeback single, "You You"

May 3, 2011 @ 5:38 pm
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On May 4th, hip hop duo Untouchable released their final digital single, "You You", before their official enlistment together this year. After making several hip hop hits since their debut in 2008, the duo opted for something different this time by creating a fusion of hip hop and rock. Their title track, "You You", was produced by hit composer Kang Ji Won (who produces for SECRET, Song Ji Eun, B2ST, 4minute) and Kim Ki Bum. The song features a refreshing electric guitar that brings out the depth of Untouchable's impeccable rap skills, and with the added effect of real drum sounds, the song takes on a powerful and dynamic feel.  TS Entertainment trainee Oh Jin Suk also makes an impressive debut by adding his vocal talent to the mix. Their title track music video was directed by Hong Won Ki with modern scenes of Hong Kong as the background. Check out the track below, and remember to support the artists by purchasing the music here. --- Source: HipHopPlaya

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