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Lim Jeong Hee has a 'Golden Lady' M! Countdown comeback

May 12, 2011 @ 10:17 am
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'Street diva' Lim Jeong Hee has made a comeback on "M! Countdown" with her new mini album, having transformed into a 'Golden Lady'. The singer had a successful comeback with 'It Can't Be Real' last September after years of hiatus. She recently showcased her untouchable singing talent in tvN's "Opera Star 2011", and was widely regarded to be K-pop's greatest 'opera diva'. Now Lim Jeong Hee has signaled her return as a 'golden lady', becoming a representative of the world's beautiful and confident women. 'Golden Lady', the title song of her second mini album, combines rock and funk to create a whole new genre of hybrid hip-hop. Lim Jeong Hee's powerful vocals are well captured in the song, with the lyrics portraying the confidence of beautiful women. The direct yet satisfying lyrics are sure to have female listeners nod their heads in agreement. Source: Daum Music

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