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Brave Brothers reveals teaser for new girl group, 'Brave Girls'

April 2, 2011 @ 5:03 pm
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On March 31st, producer Brave Brothers finally unveiled two full images of his highly-anticipated hip hop girl group, the Brave Girls. Now, a short 20 second video teaser of the group has been uploaded to YouTube. Comprised of members Eun Young (leader), Seo Ah, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran, these five members boast an impressive training history, and were in the top rankings of their trainee groups. As for the teaser, the girls are looking very sexy with the hook line: "Hands Up High." Check out the teaser below as we patiently wait for the release of their debut single on April 7th. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

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