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YG's Yang Hyun Suk talks about the KBS Music Bank controversy

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Recently, there has been much debate about Big Bang's appearance on KBS's "Music Bank", where the producers and YG ultimately couldn't come to a consensus about Big Bang's appearance, and the extent of their comeback stage. On the situation, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed, "If possible, I want [Big Bang] to appear on [Music Bank]. It's not right to have popular singers not appearing on a broadcast due to one reason or another but everything must be managed equally. The broadcasting company claimed that YG requested to have 'special treatment', but it's untrue , I've never done that. We will continue to communicate with the broadcasting company." He continued, "'Big Bang's unclear controversy' stemmed from KBS's claim that if Big Bang only sang one song, then they would be able to appear on the broadcast. It can be confusing when you compare the comeback stages for normal artists and popular artists and see the unequal treatments." "We have requested to appear on KBS, but the decision seems somewhat unfortunate, but we will discuss the issue with them again. The broadcasting companies following KBS all prepared a 3-song stage, but since KBS only offered a 1-song stage, I'm worried about what the other broadcasting companies will think of their stages. YG has never asked for special treatment. We politely requested to have the first stage on KBS, but once the situation changed, we tried our best to make the most of the situation. Of course the competing companies will try to make themselves stand out, it's only a natural instinct to do so." On the topic of "KBS and YG's uneasy relationship", YG commented, "No matter how much popularity our artists have gathered, we're only one agency. I'm aware that having an uneasy relationship with a large broadcasting company would only mean harm on our side. I'm afraid that our other artists will receive similar treatment. We only ask for fair treatment." He concluded, "We will work on it. If we speak freely, we will reach a good understanding. In the future, we want to work together with KBS. This was a good chance. Please come to a decision that is fair for all parties." Source: Sports Today via Nate


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