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Sori releases MV for comeback single, "Dancing Heart"

March 3, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
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Since her debut, Sori's powerful dance performances often grabbed more attention than her vocal ability, but for her comeback release, the 'dancer' took a backseat to the 'singer', as she shines once more through a powerful emotional ballad. Her digital single, "Dancing Heart", intends on bringing out her deep vocals. Bolstered with beautiful lyrics penned by poet Won Tae Yeon ('My heart is dancing,' 'My tears are dancing'), the song also features a unique background sound of guitar and accordions. Tying everything together are Supreme Team's explosive raps. Now, the MV for the track has been released! Without further ado, check out Sori's MV for "Dancing Heart", below! Sori will be making her comeback through KBS's "Music Bank" on March 4th. Source: Kuki Media via Nate

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