Seohyun receives a hand-made scarf from Jung Yonghwa

March 20, 2011 @ 11:50 pm
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During this week's broadcast of MBC "We Got Married", Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa met for the first time in 3 weeks because of their schedules. Jung Yong Hwa, who hurt Seohyun's feelings after losing the scarf that she presented to him, gave Seo Hyun a hand-made scarf that he knitted himself. Not only that, but Jung Yonghwa also gave Seohyun a "Knitting Note" in which he took pictures of the progress in making the scarf. Seohyun exclaimed, "I really love them!" as she was moved by the presents. Viewers stated, "There is no other husband like him," "Not a lot of guys knit. This is really impressive," "If I had a boyfriend like him, I would carry him around." Source + Picture: Prime Economy via Yahoo! Korea

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