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INY releases a gangster MV for "Shake It! Shake It!"

March 20, 2011 @ 2:43 am
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New girl group INY has just released the MV for their debut single, "Shake It! Shake It!".  Previously, we shared that the MV would be about the girls pushing their way through the difficult circumstances with their hopes and dreams to become singers, and true to their word, INY's new video does just that. Although the video quality is a bit grainy, the MV gets off to a rather jarring start, with a girl (INY member) being shoved out into the street.  If you were expecting a cute-girls-working-hard-to-achieve-their-dreams MV, you're in for a surprise.  With Chingu-style beatings (the most popular Korean gangster movie of all time), sexual assault, and theft, this MV is definitely a departure from the typical girl group fare. We'll be sharing Part 2 of this MV as soon as it's released. For now, check out the video below! Tip: Diandra

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