Kim Dong Wan admits he went under the knife

February 23, 2011 @ 12:44 am
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Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan confessed that he had plastic surgery! On this week's broadcast of SBS's "Strong Heart", Kim Dong Wan revealed a behind-the-scenes story that took place before Shinhwa's debut. The star explained, "Usually, before a debut, the company takes profile pictures to see how you look (on camera). When CEO Lee Soo Man saw my profile pictures, he said something to me." Kim Dong Wan continued, "CEO Lee Soo Man said, 'Your nose looks weird. I'll give you a present.' And with that, he gave me a new nose." Laughing, the star concluded, "Before the surgery, I had a really big nose. I think he didn't like it because he saw the side profile of my nose. It looked okay from the front view." Source: XSport News via Nate

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