Kim Soo Hyun reveals which "Dream High" co-star is his ideal girl

January 27, 2011 @ 7:13 am
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Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently participated in a "Dream High" press conference with his fellow castmates, and he delivered an interview that left reporters feeling like this young star was wiser than his years. Kim Soo Hyun began with his reflections on how the drama is faring in ratings. "I'm happy the ratings are going up, but the actors and the staff are not quite satisfied yet". He added, "I would like to see the drama do well. We will show you a youth drama overflowing with passion and fighting spirit". Kim continued, "Until now, I've only acted, but singers have to act while singing and dancing on stage. I can feel them fill the screen with energy just from their performances alone. It was hard for me to bring myself up to par with my singer co-stars, but I think I will have learned a huge lesson by the end of this project". Reporters then turned to the topic of his rivalry with 2PM's Taecyeon, who plays 'Jin Gook'. "On screen, Taecyeon and I have an interesting tension through eye contact alone. So even when we're not shooting, I tend to keep looking at him." Then he jokingly added, "When I turn around, I want to see him again!" Kim was then asked who his ideal girl was out of all of his idol co-stars. Replying with much wit, he answered "Suzy in the spring, Eun Jung in the summer, IU in the fall, and Taecyeon in the winter." Source: Nate



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