KARA's Nicole finds herself in a sticky situation

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A close industry representative of DSP Media revealed through TV Report on January 21st that both Seungyeon and Jiyoung have a high possibility of canceling their contract terminations. He stated, "It's likely for them both to be staying with DSP. But with Nicole's mother being regarded as the leader of this controversy, if worse comes to worst, Nicole will leave the group." He continued, "Because of this controversy, Nicole is bearing the brunt of the hate. Even if all five choose to remain together, it will be difficult for Nicole to further lead a normal career. There's even ridiculous talks of Nicole being the 'recall'." Leader Park Gyuri never participated in the lawsuit, while Hara dropped out moments after reports were made. With Seungyeon expected to follow the two, many are speculating for Jiyoung to return as well. The problem remains with Nicole, as Nicole's mother uploaded a series of tweets that referred to the KARA members as "her loving daughters" while bad mouthing DSP Media. After it grew into a controversy, they were promptly deleted. Hara herself also revealed that she had no idea about the contract terminations, leading many to doubt whether all of the members even agreed to this.  The controversy surrounding Nicole's mother being the cause of this entire lawsuit is further backed up by such evidence. Netizens, as well as DSP Media, have already speculated Nicole's mother to be the ringleader. In TV Report's first report, the identity of Nicole's mother was left anonymous, but DSP Media went ahead with all three of their statements in calling out her mother directly. Another representative close to DSP Media revealed, "Although they're trying their absolute best in keeping the original members, if worse comes to worst, Nicole will be taken out of the group and a new member will be added to continue their promotions." The Korea Entertainment Producers' Association is also expected to be raising the hand in DSP's favor. A representative of DSP visited the KEPA on the afternoon of the 20th in order to discuss on the recent developments. The representative revealed that DSP and KEPA made an agreement in that the KEPA will not put blame on whatever decision or action DSP chooses to take. Although representative of KEPA spoke regarding the issue on the 20th, he avoided any direct answers, "We confirm that a DSP representative visited our office, but it was regarding a substitute for CEO Lee Hoyeon in receiving his 'achievement award,' as he is currently hospitalized. Since the KARA controversy is what it is, discussion regarding the controversy was inevitable." KARA's Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung will be giving their personal opinions at a press conference with Landmark at 3 PM KST on January 21st. Source: TV Report via Nate


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