IU has a 'phone date' with Song Joong Ki

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We've been reporting on how IU enjoyed a date in Hongdae with her original 'ideal man', Kim Tae Woo for SBS's Lunar New Years special, "Star Blind Date - Fun Scandal". The show is divided into two different corners, with the first corner consisting of blind dates, and the second corner fulfills all the date wishes made by stars. Considering how IU was chosen as the hottest star of 2011, she earned an appearance on the second part of the show. Known for her long list of ideal men, she was asked to make a final choice on who she would like to go on a date with. IU replied, "He's someone I liked for the first time. When I first saw him, I couldn't look at him in the eyes properly." The person was none other than g.o.d's Kim Tae Woo! Bystanders of Hongdae were able to look on as the new couple enjoyed a sweet date for the show. As the day wasn't special enough for IU already, the young songstress also enjoyed an impromptu phone date with actor Song Joong Ki. IU claimed that the actor was one of her ideal men, which lead MC Shin Bong Sun to give her the opportunity to call Song Joong Ki on the spot. The two called each other affectionate nicknames such as "Oppa" and "Ji Eun-ah," and even went on to sing her hit duet song, "Nagging." The show is scheduled for broadcast at 11:05 PM KST on February 2nd. Source: Star News



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