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Han So Ah, the Victoria look-alike, releases new songs

January 31, 2011 @ 12:40 pm
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Singer/songwriter, and Victoria look-alike, Han So Ah has been gaining interest for her song, "I Need Time". Han So Ah released her song, "I Need Time", on January 28th, and it has been ranking at the top of various music charts. Despite strong competition from TVXQ and Secret, her song refuses to budge from its current ranking. The song "I Need Time" is about the feelings a couple gets right after they decide to breakup. The song boasts of famous musicians, such as the famous 'SHINee rap teacher' JQ, guitarist Go Tae Yong, and bassist Park Soon Chul. In her other song, "Even Today You", Han So Ah reinterperted comedian Kim Ki Wook's "Thank You for Laughing" with her own feelings so that listeners could hear the thankfulness and warmth towards love. It is said that Han So Ah has personally written both of these songs. [caption id="attachment_209683" align="aligncenter" width="486" caption="Han So Ah said to resemble Victoria of f(x)"][/caption] Han So Ah's representatives  stated, "To go against the idol singers and the sexy female singers, we decided to dominate with only vocal skills. We created this single so that the song matches with Han So Ah's voice. We hope to approach the public with a fresh feeling." Check out both songs below! "I Need Time" "Even Today You" Source: Cookie News via Naver



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