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4minute's Jiyoon tweets questionable photo featuring Gayoon

January 15, 2011 @ 11:38 pm
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4minute rapper Jiyoon, who opened a Twitter account earlier this month, posted a few new selca photos online that have especially caught netizen interest in the past day due to a seemingly lewd gesture by fellow member Gayoon. The photos, which seem to have been taken during some downtime between filming, feature Jiyoon and Gayoon making faces. While Jiyoon makes a cute expression, Gayoon decided to show off her middle finger, leaving fans perplexed and amused. "Jiyoon unni, always staying pretty and adorable~ but Gayoon, maybe this would leave a bad impression as a singer?" one Twitter user commented, suggesting the photo be taken down for the sake of Gayoon's image and position as a public role model. Others found the photo hilarious, brushing the one-finger salute off as a harmless gesture and nothing to be taken seriously. What do you think?online survey Source: Twitter & Twitpic Tip: Alan

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