Kim Woo Joo reveals that TVXQ's Yunho suffered from depression

December 31, 2010 @ 9:16 am
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J. Rich's Kim Woo Joo, who's been a friend of TVXQ's Yunho for 10 years, revealed that Yunho suffered from depression when the group's controversy first broke out. He stated, "I became worried when I saw him drinking because of the conflicts between the members. Yunho usually only drinks maybe once a year, but at the time, he drank about 6 times a month out of depression." He continued, "I'm glad now that he's gotten back up on his feet again."  Regarding TVXQ's comeback track, "Keep Your Head Down," Kim Woo Joo explained, "Fans will be able to hear why TVXQ is unique." Source: MK via Nate

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