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Wonder Girls' Sohee voted the best Korean vampire girl

November 9, 2010 @ 4:53 am
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Wonder Girls' Sohee is quite the transformer, as she was able to change into a nurse, a mannequin, the Pucca girl, and many more besides. Yet this time around, it's not a new costume that's gotten fans talking, but one she's donned previously as a mysterious and dreamy vampire. Due to the recent release of vampire movie 'Let Me In' in Korea, the movie distributor - Nuri Pictures - conducted a survey through movie ticket reservation site Yes24 on 'Which Korean idol resembles the 12 year old vampire Chloe Moretz the most?' The poll ran from November 1 - 8, and Sohee came in first with 36% of the votes. Why, you ask? Sohee starred in 8eight's music video "Without A Heart" as an exquisite, melancholic vampire who ironically stole the hearts of the nation with her beauty. Meanwhile, SNSD's Jessica came in second with 22% of the votes, KARA's Goo Hara was in third with 21%, and 4minute's HyunA landed in fourth place with 20% of the votes. Source: DongA

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