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The Smoking Jacket says JYJ's "Ayy Girl" is one of the ten most horrendous boy band music videos

November 7, 2010 @ 6:59 pm
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With JYJ releasing their first English cross over track and music video, "Ayy Girl," featuring Kanye West, fans met the music video with mixed feelings.  Some love the epic feeling of the music video, while others thought it could have been much better. The Smoking Jacket however, felt it deserved a spot on their ten most horrendously terrible boy band music videos list, as they wrote:

"According to Guinness this is the biggest boy band (by fan base) in the world. Ever. They're from Korea, and this is their attempt at an English crossover. The worst part? Not the white suits, but the Kanye West guest spot. What the f*ck."
Harsh criticism indeed, what do you guys think? Source: The Smoking Jacket Tip:  Al

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