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Lee Hyori's body without Photoshop captures attention

November 9, 2010 @ 9:00 pm
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Sexy diva Lee Hyori is known to be able to look hot with any concept, and now, even her picture without Photoshop has received approval among netizens. Recently, a photo of Hyori filming with comedian Lee Soo Geun was released on an internet community site, and the picture was estimated to be taken from their appearance together on 'Happy Together'. In the picture, Hyori is wearing a school uniform and sneakers, which directly contrasts her usual sexy image and killer heels. Netizens have noticed that her legs look like any normal person's, and her height and body type wasn't too different from Lee Soo Geun. Even so, the majority of netizens showed warm responses to the picture, saying 'I can relate more to her real look' and 'This doesn't look bad at all', while others have expressed, 'Like I thought, female celebrities need Photoshop'. What do you think of Hyori's body without any Photoshop? Source: Newsen



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