Lee Bum Soo to be a dad!

October 2, 2010 @ 12:38 am
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Actor Lee Bum Soo has revealed that he is going to be a father! "My wife is four months pregnant," he said. "When she first told me in June that she was pregnant, I felt as if I flying through the sky. Since the baby is a June baby, I've nicknamed it 'Juu~ne'. I'll be preparing everything I can in order to become a good father." He continued, "My wife was only in the beginning stages of her pregnancy so we decided to delay the news. Having to keep something so exciting a secret made me more antsy than ever. I've been sharing the joy lately by spreading the news of her pregnancy." His wife, Lee Yoon Jin, seems to be just as excited, frequently updating her minihomepage with stories of their newlywed life. She even recently updated with a picture of Lee Bum Soo as a baby, writing, "Baby Bum Soo is a true ulzzang father! Posting it up because I found it while looking through oppa's albums." The couple first met in 2008 when Lee Bum Soo was looking for an English teacher. The two met as teacher and student and eventually fell in love. Lee Bum Soo is currently appearing on SBS's "Giant", while Lee Yoon Jin is MCing for TVN's "Current Events Plus." Source + Photo: Newsen

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