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Compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts #6

By    Monday, October 25, 2010   71,800   1   0



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Recently, K-pop tweeters were frustrated and saddened over the various SM Entertainment Twitter fraud incidents and the suspension of Jessica's (SNSD) account (due to anti-fans). Even SHINee's Key warned tweeters of fake accounts floating around. And while these misfortunes may upset you readers, we hope our latest updated celebrity Twitter list--which Cassies are sure to be ecstatic over--makes up for all the confusion at hand in the meantime. Check out our list below! -- 2AM Changmin Jinwoon Jo Kwon Seulong 2PM Official 2PM Twitter Chansung Nichkhun Junho Junsu Taecyeon Wooyoung 8Eight *NEW*Joo Hee *NEW*Lee Hyun *NEW*Baek Chan Actors/Actresses Kim Bum Kim Ki Bang *NEW*Lee Da Hae Lee Junki Lee Min Ho Park Ji Bin *NEW*Park Joong Hoon Park Shin Hye Phillip Choi Ryu Deok Hwan *NEW*Yoo Ah In After School Bekah Kahi Lizzy Raina Jooyeon UEE As One Official As One Twitter BEAST Doojoon Junhyung Big Bang Taeyang Black Pearl Oh Na Mi Brown Eyed Girls Official BEG Jea Miryo Narsha Brown Eyed Soul Ahn Jung Yup Naul CNBLUE Official CNBLUE Twitter Code-V Na-law Seo Jae Won Sol Uhm Tae Min Comedians Han Min Kwan Heo Kyung Hwan Kim Ki Wook Noh Hong Chul Park Hwi Soon Shin Bong Sun Yoon Hyung Bin (Wang Biho) CSJH the Grace Dana Dalmatian *NEW*Daniel Chae/Drama *NEW*David Kim/Day Day *NEW*Jang In Tae/Inati *NEW*Lee Dari *NEW*Lee Dong Lim/Yeong Won *NEW*Park Jisu Davichi Kang Min Kyung Lee Hae Ri DJ DOC Lee Ha Neul Epik High Mithra Tablo F.Cuz *NEW*Jinon Kan LeeU Ye Jun Official Twitter FT Island Jonghun Lee Hong Ki Lee Jae Jin Girl's Day Official Girl's Day Twitter *NEW*Hye Ri Ji Hae Ji In [former member] Ji Sun [former member] Min Ah So Jin *NEW*Yura Infinite Dong Woo Ho Won Myungsoo/L *NEW* Sung Gyu *NEW* Sung Jong Sung Yeol Woo Hyun Jewelry *NEW*Ha Joo Yeon/Baby J Park Sae Mi JinuSean Sean KARA Goo Hara Gyuri *NEW* Han Seung Yeon Ji Young Nicole Leessang Gil MBLAQ G.O. Mir Seungho *NEW* Thunder MC's Kim Jedong Nam Hee Seok Mighty Mouth *NEW* Shorry J Sangchu missA Fei Jia Min Suzy Monday Kiz *NEW*Han Seung Hui *NEW* Lee Jin Sung *NEW* Lim Han Byul M To M Jung Hwan Nine Muses *NEW* Bini/Lee Hye Bin *NEW* Lee Sam/Lee Hyun Joo *NEW* Ryu Sera *NEW* Violet/Lee Eun Ji Norazo Jo Bin One Two Song Ho Bum One Way Official One Way Twitter Chance Peter Young Sky Other Entertainers Choi Hyun Woo (Magician [made appearances on Star King]) Daniel Henney (actor/model) Danny Ahn (former g.o.d. member/singer/TV personality) Goo Hye Sun (actress/director/writer/artist) Goo Jun Yup (former Clon member/singer/DJ) Haha (singer/TV personality) Hwang Jung Eum (former Sugar member/actress) Hyun Young (singer/model/actress/tv personality) Isak (singer/VJ/DJ) Jay Park (former 2PM leader/singer/currently dances with Art of Movement/actor) Jeon Hye Bin (singer/actress) Jung Ryeo Won (former Chakra member/actress/model) Kim Dong Ryul (singer/songwriter) Kim Jung Eun (actress/TV show host) Kim Bum Soo (singer/radio DJ) *NEW* Kim Soo Ro (actor) Kim C (TV personality/Hot Potato/singer) Kim Yuna (Olympic gold-medalist ice skater) Lee Kyun (former UP member/actor/Kangta's cousin) Marco (actor/model) MC Mong (singer/TV personality) No Min Woo (former TRAX member/actor) Ok Ju Hyun (former Fin.K.L. member/singer/actress) Park Jin Young (singer/producer/songwriter/JYP Entertainment founder) Park Ji Yoon (singer/actress/model) Park Jung Ah (former Jewelry member/singer/actress) Park Kyung Lim (MC/comedian/radio DJ) Rain (singer/dancer/actor) Son Ho Young (former g.o.d. member/singer/actor) *NEW* Song Baek Kyoung (former 1TYM member/actor) Uhm Jung Hwa (singer/actress) Yiruma (composer/pianist/radio DJ) Yoon Eun Hye (former Baby V.O.X. member/singer/actress/model) Rainbow Hyun Young Jaekyung Ji Sook No Eul Woo Ri Yoon Hye Rania (Yet to debut) *NEW* Official Rania Twitter Secret *NEW*Zinger SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho Kim Yong Jun Lee Seok Hoon Sistar *NEW*Official Sistar Twitter Solo Artists *NEW* 1SaGain Baek Ji Young Brian Joo (former Fly to the Sky member) BoA [American account] BoA [Korean account] Chae Yeon Crown J Dok2 Drunken Tiger *NEW* G.NA *NEW* G.Soul Gil Me Hwang Bo (former Chakra member) Ivy JOO JQ Kan Mi Yeon (former Baby V.O.X. member) Kim Gun Mo Lee Soo Young Nassun *NEW* Navi *NEW* San E Se7en Seo In Kook *NEW* Son Dambi Sori *NEW*Wheesung Yoon Do Hyun Yoon Mi Rae Younha Soulstar Glenn Rhee SS501 *NEW* Heo Young Saeng Kim Hyung Joon *NEW* Kim Kyu Jong Park Jung Min [old account] *NEW*Park Jung Min [new account] Super Junior/Super Junior M Donghae Eunhyuk Leeteuk Heechul Henry Lau Kyuhyun Ryeowook Shindong Siwon Yesung Supernova Official Japanese Twitter Jung Yunhak Kim Kwangsu Kim Sung Je Park Geonil Song Jihyuk Yoon Sungmo Supreme Team E-Sens Simon D T-ara Eunjung Hyomin Jiyeon Qri Soyeon Teen Top Official Teen Top Twitter T-Max Joo Chan Yang Kim Joon Minchul The Boss Official The Boss Twitter Hyunmin In Jun Jay Karam Mika The Jadu Jadu Tiramisu Lady Jane TV Shows HahaMong Show Hot Brothers KBS Music Bank Mnet Mnet 20's Choice Mnet M! Countdown Mnet Superstar K Mnet Wide The M-Wave TVXQ *NEW* Hero Jaejoong *NEW* Micky Yoochun *NEW* Xiah Junsu U-Kiss Alexander Dongho Eli Kevin Kibum Soohyun Untouchable Sleepy V.O.S. Park Ji Heon Wednesday Chi Yeul Han Gook Winterplay Official Winterplay Twitter Wonder Girls Official Wonder Girls Twitter Hye Lim Sunmi (former member) Sunmi [unoffical WG account] Sohee Sunye Ye Eun Yubin ZE:A Official Japan Twitter Is your favorite celebrity missing from the list below or is there a broken link? You know the drill! Let us know in the comments section below and we'll be sure to make the changes in the following list!

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