Bahnus receives jail sentence for plagiarism and fraud

October 21, 2010 @ 2:15 pm
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Lee Jae Young (Bahnus), the composer that intentionally gave plagiarized songs to Lee Hyori and her former agency, Mnet Media, has received a jail sentence of a year and six months for plagiarism and fraud. The Seoul Central District Court stated, "He has acknowledged his crimes of obstruction of work, fraud, and forgery of documents, and has been sentenced for a year and six months." The decision has confirmed that Hyori and Mnet Media were the victims of the plagiarism controversy. Mnet Media stated, "Although Lee Jae Young was proven guilty, we will be doing all we can to take responsibility as music producers in order to compensate for the losses for the original work. Moreover, we will do our best to protect the rights of those that have suffered from this case." Source + Photo: TV Daily

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