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Mason Moon corrects Kim Jong Min on his English

September 1, 2010 @ 3:49 pm
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Recently on KBS JOY's 'The Three Suspicious Men', Koyote's Kim Jong Min was putting in effort to restructure his image in the show when he was humiliated by 5 year old Mason Moon once again. Kim Jong Min was teaching English to the Moon brothers, Mason and Mavin, with English books and flash cards. While Kim Jong Min was reading through, he read the word 'bird' as 'brod'. Mason immediately corrected Kim Jong Min on his mistake, from which he was so embarrassed that the whole studio burst into laughter. Nevertheless, Kim Jong Min still showed his caring side for Mason and Maven, as he continued to help them learn (which actually could be a detriment) with his already limited English skills. The episode is schedule to air later today in Korea (September 2).



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