Yun Jung Hoon and Han Ga In to consider legal action against divorce rumors

August 19, 2010 @ 1:03 am
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The married couple of Yun Jung Hoon and Han Ga In are considering legal action against MBC's PD Notebook after it had spread unfounded rumors of them divorcing recently. The program raised much eyebrows on the 17th after it said in a press release that Yun Jung Hoon and Han Ga In were heading for a divorce, and the news soon spread like wildfire on the internet. Han Ga In's management, J.One Plus Entertainment strongly denied the claims and expressed, "The divorce rumors are unfounded and ridiculous. Some reporter asked them if they were heading for a divorce, but they already said no and asked them not to write about it. Yet, the news still came out anyway. This divorce news will impact Han Ga In's image and bring about much negativity. We will consider legal action to stop this from spreading further." It's believed that MBC wanted to delay the cancellation of PD Notebook due to falling ratings and thus they decided to release this divorce rumor to catch the attention of viewers. But it looks like they picked the wrong news to focus on. The broadcast on the 17th was never aired though after the MBC president stopped it.

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