Mnet M! Countdown's ranking system raises eyebrows

August 6, 2010 @ 12:30 pm
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Another K-pop controversy alert: Mnet Countdown is rigging their chart ranks? A large portion of netizens have begun to bring out various fishy elements on Mnet Countdown's ranking system, suspecting that the program is not being completely honest with their results. Many believe that Se7en claiming the #1 spot on August 5th's airing was not right and fair, as Mnet's close relationship with YG Entertainment might have resulted in possible ranking manipulation. Netizens pointed out that with Mnet's chart system being divided in this manner: 50% Sales Count, 30% Online Voting, 10% Mnet's Judging, and 10% Live Text Voting, Se7en's track, Better Together, should be placed around 9th place in the chart. So how could it have been #1 this week? It is true that a close affiliation between the program and the entertainment companies may affect the outcome?  Do you think Mnet is really manipulating their results? For the record, Se7en's Better Together was ranked No.10 on the August 6th episode of Music Bank. S: Newsen

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