2NE1 to make their comeback in September!

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It's been a long time coming but they're here now - well, almost. YG Entertainment's butt kicking girl group 2NE1 is set to make their comeback next month with their first full length album, To Anyone! Big daddy YG (aka Yang Hyun Suk) surprised fans with a big slap in the face as he put up a post on the YG Entertainment homepage titled 'Message from YG'. It's quite a long passage but to sum it up, 2NE1 will be returning on September 9th with a 12 track album titled To Anyone. Six of the tracks will be brand new with four being their past digital singles and an additional two bonus tracks. 3 of the tracks will be title tracks and the MVs for them all will be out at midnight on September 9th together with the album. There will be no teasers at all. It's also been reported that the girls traveled to LA and London to work with Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am in order to create the music on their album. Apparently he was given the chance to see one of their videos and almost immediately decided that he wanted to help produce their work. In addition, plans for them to debut in America are undecided as yet, but they will expand into Japan early next year. They're looking to debut 2NE1 in America in the future and will consult mainly with Will.I.Am, but for now they're sticking to Korea and Japan. Also, 2NE1TV Season 2 will be shown in September instead. Lots of more exciting stuff is bound to be headed our way so be sure to stay tuned!


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